Habit Streaks
Habit streaks are calculated based off the Habit's recurrence.
Maintaining Streaks, Timezones & Nightly Re-evaluation With streaks, you have until the end of today to maintain a streak. The end of day is based on the timezone on your user profile. Every night at 00:00 (based on the timezone on your user profile), all habit streaks are re-evaluated. If switching timezones, there shouldn't be an issue, but if something does look weird, to recalculate the streak considering new timezone, you can:
    Wait until the nightly re-evaluation, which will use the new timezone
    Manually un=complete and complete the habit again, so it recalculates the streak
    Use the Habit streak calculation tool
Future Completions Future completions are not counted in a habit streak count. For example, if it is Wednesday and you have a habit completion for every day of the week (Monday - Sunday), the habit streak count will only be "3", as it will not count Thursday - Sunday's habit completions, as they are in the future.
Habit Completion Type Streak Effect The streak calculation will take into consideration any habit completion that's habit completion type is set to not increment the streak, or to break the streak.
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