Habits Overview
In Conjure, there are 3 types of habits: "Simple", "Smart" and "Complex", based on the Habit's rules.

Simple Habits

Simple habits have no rules and you can just click to complete. This is the habit you're used to in traditional habit apps.

Smart Habits

Smart habits have a certain rule or set of rules, that makes it possible to click to complete them. For example if your habit has just one "Timestamp For Measure Exists" Rule, then Conjure will automatically create/delete that timestamp measurement when you complete/un-complete the habit for a date.
Here are the supported configurations:
What Happens
1 "Timestamp For Measure Exists" Rule
On complete, Conjure will create a measurement for the measure on the relevant date with using the current time of day.
On un-complete, Conjure will remove last timestamp measurement belonging to the measure on that date.

Complex Habits

"Complex" habits have a configuration of rules that you cannot click to complete, rather the rules have to satisfied elsewhere. For example if you have 2 "Habit Completed" rules, when each of those 2 habits are completed, then the habit will be automatically completed.

Rules & Rules Groups

Rule groups are collection of rules and can be nested. They are useful for creating conditional logic (for example if you wanted some rules to apply on a certain day of the week and other rules to be another day of the week).
Rule groups can be set to "All", "Any" or "None" of the rules or child rule groups are satisfied.

Completion Types

Habits can have multiple "Completion Types". Sometimes you'll want to mark a habit for a day as a "Sick Day" if you were ill, "Rest Day" if you're on a holiday or rest period, "Emergency Mode" if everything went wrong and you were only able to do the minimum viable version of your habit. You also might want that Habit Completion not to count towards your streak.
Completion Types allow you create different icon indicators and rules (optional, you can have no rules to make it "Simple" and just click to complete), and set if it counts towards your streak.
To view the "Completion Type" when you wish to complete/un-complete a habit, just right click the habit checkbox on web, or long press the habit checkbox on mobile.
Normal Completion Type
Every Habit has one "Normal" completion type, which is the Completion Type used for when clicking on the Habit Checkbox. The "Normal" completion type cannot be deleted/archived.
Normal Completion Type In Action

Evaluation Priority

Completion types are evaluated in the priority they are listed (from top to bottom). If you have 2 completion types both having their rules satisfied, whichever is higher priority will be used. You can drag and drop the completion types to the desired order in the habit form.
Streak Effect
You can set the effect the completion type has a habit streak:
    Increment: Increases the streak by 1 (eg 5 → 6), this is the typical habit behaviour
    Maintain: Leaves the streak as is (eg 5 → 5), this is good for "Sick", "Holiday" or "Emergency" habit completion types
    Break: Breaks the streak setting it to 0 (eg 5 → 0), this is typically used for a "Failed" habit completion type

Edge Cases

You can mix and match "Simple" and "Smart" completion types, however if a Habit's completion for a date is a "Smart" Completion Type (eg 30 minutes of Reading), you will not be able to select a "Simple" Completion Type of a lower priority because it would be overridden immediately (because the rules for the higher priority "Smart" Completion Type) are still satisfied.

Archiving Habits

When you archive a Habit in Conjure, it is no longer is evaluated and it's reminders are not sent.
If you have others things in Conjure relying on the habit (eg another Habit or an Objective), because the Habit is not evaluated when archived, they may not be completed.
You can view archived habits here and can archive Habits from their menu.
Last modified 3mo ago