In Conjure, we use your browser's or device's timezone for most things. In some cases we use the timezone stored on your profile (mostly for things happening in the background like notifications).

Timezone's effects on evaluations

If you are in Hawaii at 5pm (GMT-10) on the 15th of May, then any measurements/habit completions/etc created will use the time based off your browser/device (2021-05-15T17:00:00-1000).
Despite that time in UTC being 4am on the 16th of May, Conjure will always pay attention to the contextual date (15th) and time of day (5pm) for habit completions, when evaluating rules or the like.
If you change timezone the following week (say to UTC), a habit completion will stay on the 15th at 5pm, and not become 16th at 4am. Any future rule evaluation, will use the 15th at 5pm, because relative to you, that is when the habit was completed or something happened.
Last modified 4mo ago